I’m ready to go to London!

I’ve packed the following items

Basic sewing supplies. Check.

Supplies for Frame Purses. Mostly check (didn’t manage to get a purse frame, will have to buy one there).

Supplies for Paper Pieced Pillows. Check.

Supplies for Designer Challenge. Check.

Supplies for Portholes. Check.

Sample Swap. Check.

Fat Quarters for swap. Check.

Ugly fabric. Check.

Camera. Check.

Fat Quarterly Book (would love to get some signatures). Check.

Pijamas, toothbrush and clothes. Check.

Sense of humour. Oh no, has anyone seen it? Can’t go without it. Phew, found it. Check.

Suitcase and shopping trolley. Will the good people in the Radisson send me away if I walk in with a shopping trolley? Especially as I had to wrap my sewing machine into a black bin bag…

Now all I need is a train ticket. Are we there yet?


1 thought on “Packing

  1. Loved meeting you Elisabeth – thank you so much for my little pouch – I love the button fabric! It was just so great to meet everyone, swap goodies and learn stuff! Exhausted now though – what about you?

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