In the quilting world UFOs aren’t sighted in the night sky but in the darkest corners of our sewing rooms. UnFinished Objects lurk at the bottom of scrap bins, in drawers on shelves and anywhere else they can be put and ignored or forgotten. Although I really want to start a new project I know that I have to finish these UFOs first so here comes my pledge:

I will not start a new project until I’ve finished at least one of these projects:

1. The Hexie Rainbow

I love this cushion cover and can’t quite understand why it’s been sitting on my sewing table for the last few months.

2. The Flying Geese

This is the paper pieced pillow I started at the Fat Quarterly Retreat and I really want to finish it as I’m hoping to give it to someone very special soon.

3. The Hexie Heart

This was started while we were on holiday in Ireland and is supposed to be a fundraiser for breast cancer research. All I have to do is stitch it onto some background fabric, quilt it and start selling raffle tickets.

It’s been hard to find some sewing time with the school holidays and the wonderful warm weather we’ve been experiencing. I haven’t seen my sewing machine in the last week or so but feel it’s time to get back into the groove.

You might remember that I also started these wonky log cabin blocks for Little Miss Bossy-Boots but they still feel like a WIP (work in progress) although I haven’t got more than the four I made last week. Let’s hope they won’t turn into UFOs and start lurking in the dark corners. Now, where’s my sewing machine again?

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