What have I done?

Oh yes, I’ve done it again: I’ve signed up for Blogtoberfest 2012.

Don’t know Blogtoberfest? Kat fromĀ I saw you dancingĀ is hosting it this year so check out her blog post and sign up if you feel up for it. I had so much fun last year finding lots of new blogs and challenging myself to post something every day. I admit that some post were pure fillers with nothing to show or tell (and I may or may not have missed three completely) but I hope I’m better prepared this time round.

I have the “I’ve done this all before” feeling which will probably make me run around in a panic frantically searching for something to photograph and blog about. I apologise beforehand.

Right, I’m off to write a few blog posts. Ha, ha, just trying to give the impression I’m well prepared….

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