All I want for my birthday…

…is a ticket. A ticket that will give me access to three days of bliss, three days of chatting, sewing and meeting new people and ‘old’ friends. A ticket that will take me to London for three whole days. A ticket that is for sale today at noon.

Guess where I will be at noon today?! Oh yes, in front of my computer with my credit card and a cup of tea (I would love to say a stiff drink but alas, it would be a lie). So if anybody needs me they will have to wait until I get my ticket.

I think he might have to walk himself today.


Edited to add: Hurrah, I got my ticket. Happy birthday to me!


5 thoughts on “All I want for my birthday…

  1. Hi! Was also sat waiting patiently in front of the computer today and also got a ticket!! Look forward to meeting you at the retreat!

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