Tat, tat

Last week I got my two partners’ details for the Christmas ornament swap and started stalking checking out their blogs. One of them does a lot of crochet, the other one sews, makes cards and generally recycles and reuses materials. I’m very excited to make something for these two ladies.

At first I thought I would crochet something and started looking for free patterns on the internet. However, when I realised that one of the ladies is such a master crocheter (is that a real word?) I decided to do something else and got my tatting shuttles out.

I haven’t done any tatting in quite a while so I might do a little practice piece first.

3 thoughts on “Tat, tat

  1. Ich bin überzeugt, dass die beiden Damen grosse Freude an den Occhispitzen haben werden. Diese herzustellen, ist nicht jedermann’s Sache. 🙂

  2. I like your tatting effort. I’m just prowling around seeing what everybody is doing for the swap I’ve already made one decoration but have to complete the second. Its fun isnt it ?

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