Treasure Thursday

Hello, I thought I’d try something new this year and will post a picture of one or two of my “treasures” every Thursday. I suppose it’s one way of telling you a little bit more about me.

This week I’m starting with a sewing related treasure: my thimbles.


The one on the right was given to me by a very dear friend and used to belong to her mother. The one on the left was bought at an antiques fair in Switzerland by Master. Neither thimble is valuable but they are both precious to me.

For years I couldn’t find a thimble that was comfortable. When I was 18 I went to England as an au pair. One of the first questions I was asked by Matty, the mum, was whether I could sew and, if yes, could I please teach her. So I did and she was soon better at making button holes than I was. One of my favourite things in her sewing basket was a thimble which had belonged to her mother. It fit my finger perfectly and I used it a lot. After a fabulous year I went home but came back a few times on holiday where once more I had the pleasure of sewing with the thimble. I must have gone on and on about its perfect fit because Matty very kindly gave it to me.

The other thimble I got because I was so worried that I might lose the one I already had. Again, I probably went on and on about how devastated I would be if I lost my wonderful thimble with the gold rim. Master listened and when we saw a thimble that fit my finger at an antiques fair he bought it for me.

Now, one is always in the drawer in my sewing table, the other one in my EPP box even though I don’t use it much for EPPing. I find that my middle finger is quite calloused and it isn’t necessary to use a thimble for my Spring Carnival.

I have looked at other, lighter thimbles but just can’t get myself to buy them as I love the memories associated with the two I have. How many thimbles does a girl need? Two in my books.

3 thoughts on “Treasure Thursday

  1. Oh thimbles! I’ve had terrible trouble finding a thimble that is comfortable. You only need one, but it hasto be the right one. I have a silver one similar to yours that belonged to my gran, but I can’t get on with it. I now have a leather one that Is just about perfect

  2. I’m like Di – can’t find one I really love…..I had a leather one, but it wore out and when I bought an identical replacement the leather was too stiff and I couldn’t move my finger at all!

  3. Elisabeth, I love your little stories! I’m already looking forward to your next treasure tuesday ;o) Oh and for the record: I own one thimble (handed down from my mom) that I rarely use (I dislike sewing by hand ;o)))

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