Pin Cushions: My Place and Yours

Vic from Punky and Me asked to see our pin cushions in this week’s My Place and Yours.

Here are mine:

The one above is very special to me as my professor at uni gave it to me. She brought it home from one of her trips because she knew that I sew (in fact I did some repair jobs and alterations for her).  I have been using it since she gave it to me but I’m getting a bit concerned about the tatty tattled lace.

This one I made because I only had the one above and I really like huge pin cushions.

My pin cushion is never where I need it but rather stays where I put it. This is annoying when I’ve just gotten down on the floor to do some cutting or measuring as getting up involves a lot of sighing and creaking in the joints. Hence, the pin cushion you attach to your wrist:

And last but not least there’s this little bird. He was supposed to be a Christmas ornament with eyes and two little wings. Hmm, I pinned the wings onto the body (I forgot to actually attach them before sewing the bird together) and left it at that. I’m not sure how it happened but he is now on duty as a pin cushion and he’s doing really well.

If you would like to join in, add your link here.

2 thoughts on “Pin Cushions: My Place and Yours

  1. I just love this line; “My pin cushion is never where I need it but rather stays where I put it.” – mine does that too – bloody thing! And the poor birdie made me laugh too, instead of “stick a bird on it” you’ve “stuck some pins in it” hehe. 😉

    Thanks for joining in this week & making me smile!

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