Treasure Thursday

Today I would like to share another sewing treasure with you: My beautiful Bernina KL117.

Bernina KL117This model was built between 1938 and 1941. She’s built into a sewing table which is quite plain except for the intarsia measuring tape.

Intarsia Measuring TapeThe table isn’t in very good condition and the machine has had a few knocks but I don’t mind. After all she’s over 70 years old and being an industrial machine she’s been used a lot. ¬†Sadly she doesn’t work but I’m hoping that I will be able to get her repaired one day.

I love the label.

Bernina KL 117

The reason she is such a treasure to me is because I bought her when I was at a real low point of my life. I was having chemo therapy which meant that I was incredibly tired all the time. Most days I didn’t go very far; a quick little walk with Aron was all I could muster. One day, however, my friend Anita called and asked if I wanted to go to the secondhand shop. Of course, I did. Everything was better than sitting around reading books I couldn’t remember a week later (A nice little side effect of the chemo. Makes buying books really cheap as you only need two which you can rotate). Anyway, I went and found the Bernina hidden away in a corner. Looking at her made me happy, getting her home made me even happier and now every time I look at her I can still feel the happiness bubbling up in me. She’s usually hidden away as her sewing table is the perfect height for sewing at and that’s where my other Bernina sits.

Sometimes, though, I get her out and just look at her… ¬†and enjoy the happiness that fills my insides.