Many moons ago I embroidered a little bunny rabbit called Hester¬†designed by the lovely Jo Avery from Bearpaw. She then stayed ¬†in the hoop I used while embroidering her. The hoop was a bit big but when I saw Nicole from Follow the White Bunny’s little tutorial on how she frames her embroideries in hoops I decided to give it a go. Far too impatient to go and buy a smaller hoop I used the one I had.

Sorry for the dark photo. It was taken at night seconds before I took Hester out of the hoop.

Poor Hester looked a bit lost. So off I trundled and bought a smaller hoop. This afternoon I re-hooped (is there such a word?) Hester and am so pleased with the result. Now all I need is a little nail to hang her on the wall of my sewing room.

And the back: