Somewhere over the Rainbow

I have been thinking quite a bit about what to make for my partner in the Mouthy Stitches Swap. The night before last inspiration struck and yesterday afternoon I spent a good 30 minutes pulling fabric from my stash. I decided early on to use some Essex linen in ivory for the bag (not the most practical, I admit) as my partner likes rainbows and I wanted the colours to pop. After pulling out a rainbow of fabrics and putting it on the background I decided to ditch half the rainbow and ‘only’ go with purple, blue and red. At the last second I threw in a little orange but am not sure whether I will keep it in there or not.

The aqua Kona is for the lining and a couple of accents. This is going to be a reversible tote so the lining needs to be pretty as well. We are allowed to change the pattern inasmuch that we may add a small pocket on the inside. I’m thinking of turning that pocket into a bit of a feature so that both sides are equally pretty.

Now, should I wait to see if my partner comments on the picture I’ve put up on flickr or should I just dive in?