We are Family

I just have to show you the lovely portraits Little Miss Bossy-Boots made of us.

From left to right: Little Miss Bossy-Boots, Aron the dog, Me and Master.

While Little Miss Bossy-Boots was busy drawing I took the time to start and finish (!) a small project. My sister showed me a picture of some birds she wanted to make. Guess what, I thought they were so cute I had to try making one myself. They are incredibly quick to make and a great portable project as they are sewn by hand. I love the idea of getting a branch or two in the garden and make lots of birds for Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ room.

2 thoughts on “We are Family

    1. I’m the one with the curly hair! When I got married I had curly hair and Little Miss Bossy-Boots finds that fascinating. Maybe I should get a perm…

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