Do you know the old game called Beetles? You basically have to roll a dice to win beetle body parts. The first to end up with a whole beetle wins. I bought this game a couple of weeks ago and Little Miss Bossy-Boots really loves it. It’s great as it has made her recognise the numbers on the dice and is lots of fun.

However (and sadly there is a however) the plastic beetle parts are a bit cheap and cheerful. The legs don’t fit properly, the antennae fall off every now and then and the head keeps splitting open. Not a nice sight, I can tell you.

Mummy to the rescue! I’ve started making beetle body parts in my spare time. Yep, no joke. Here we go:

Sorry for the bad pic, the light isn’t very good today.

After making a body, head, two antennae and a few legs from some cheap felt I bought, I’m resolved to make no more. I hate the feel of the felt, it’s too thick for the magnets to bond properly and I hate the feel of the felt. Oh, and I really must mention that I hate the feel of the felt. After putting my thinking cap on I’ve decided to start again with some quilting weight fabric. I believe that if I use some woven interfacing on the back I could make some really fun, pretty and, most importantly, pink beetles which feel nice too.

However, (oh no not another however) before I do that I’m off to play Bridge. See you all tomorrow!

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