Quick, get out of the water!

I love sharks. The name of my blog might have given that fact away already. I’m in awe of their beauty and my dream would be to go diving with them.

When I first decided on the name “Shark’s Dinner” I designed the little logo above that I put on the bags I was making. Bags were my passion before I discovered quilting and now I love both. Anyway, this morning I suddenly thought that I should make a bath mat using my logo. Sadly I didn’t have the time to start cutting or sewing but here’s a quick peek at my pattern and the fabric I’ve chosen from my stash. Hopefully I’ll be able to start cutting tomorrow as I’m really excited about this project.

You don’t see a pink shark every day, now, do you? The reason for this is that our bathroom is all white with pink accents (soap dispenser, toilet brush, beakers and baskets are all pink). Little Miss Bossy-Boots was allowed to choose. No surprises there then.


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