It was the end of March yesterday which also means the end of Q1 of the Finish-Along hosted by Katy of The Littlest Thistle. You may remember -as I have been harping on about it- that I put fifteen projects on my FAL list and I’m happy to report that I finished six of them.

1. Athea Spring was turned into a finished cushion. It sits on my sofa and makes me happy every time I look at it.

Athea Spring

2. The DQS 14 mini, Liberty Bloom, was finished and sent all the way to Canada.

Liberty Bloom

3. In the Woods was turned into a sewing machine cover.

Sewing Machine Cover4. The Triceratops was sewn and turned into a cushion for Little Miss Bossy-Boots. This was a truly fun pattern to test and you can find it in Juliet’s shop.

Triceratops Cushion5. A Dashing Echo was quilted and bound and now resides on my bed where Charlie my cat and I fight about it. Even though the quilt isn’t bound in the picture below I picked it because I wanted to show you how much Charlie loves it.

Charlie asleep

6. Liberty Butterfly was turned into a cute little cushion.



I’m rather happy with how much I’ve achieved. The other projects will end up on Q2 of the Finish-Along, I’m sure. I’m very pleased to report that I haven’t actually started any new WIPs. Everything I’ve started in the last three months I’ve finished. Long may it continue!

Finish Along 2014

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