And breathe….

Little Miss Bossy-Boots is off to Ireland with her Daddy to visit Grandma and Grandpa. This is her first holiday without me and we are both very excited about it. The reasons for her excitement are pretty obvious, I’m sure; she’s going to be spoilt rotten and have the undivided attention of quite a few grown-ups. My excitement can be summed up with three words: sewing, sleeping and not-having-to-repeat-everything-734 times (ok that’s not really one word but I’m sure you can let me off this time).

I’ve got a few sewing projects lined up but first on my list is the tutorial for my Modern Churn Dash quilt. I realise I promised to have it up this week but somehow time just slipped away from me. I have started on it and I hope to get it finished very soon.

Modern Churn Dash TutorialThese are the fabrics I’m using and I’m making a cushion cover. I thought about making another quilt but realised that I just didn’t have the time. However, I’ll be giving the measurements for the quilt too.

Today I just need to help Little Miss Bossy-Boots buy some chocolate to bring and pack her suitcase. Tomorrow I will crawl out of bed at 5am and help her get ready to catch a very early train to the airport with her Daddy. And then…

.. I will breathe. And crawl back to bed.


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