Hello, I didn’t mean to disappear the way I did but some time in December I lost my sewjo and still haven’t quite found it again. This happens to me every couple of years and I’ve found the best way to deal with it is to just let it happen and not to try and force my creativity.

I have been sewing a little bit for the shop window we’re planning on doing once the Covid-19 pandemic lets us go back to work. For some reason the Swiss government didn’t think that a fabric shop is essential. It’s a good thing I have enough fabric for the next three years then….

Holly helping

Our theme is picnic and the colours are white, yellow and blue. I’ve started to make a giant gingham picnic quilt. The gingham is giant, not the quilt. The quilt is 53″ x 53″ and will be bound in a royal blue solid.

I also made some colourful birds as we’re going to have a branch and some logs in the window and I thought it would be cute to have some birds waiting for crumbs.

Fat little bird

My colleagues are also busy. They’re making picnic baskets, serviettes and cushions to sit on. I might make a few strawberries and cupcakes to put on the plates, too.

First, though, I have to finish the quilt and that is a bit of a problem. For the first time ever I’ve used a polyester batting (it was delivered wrongly last time I ordered batting and I kept it) and I’m really struggling with it. It’s like the fabric is sticking to it and it’s very difficult to smooth out for basting. In the end I managed to baste it but as I’m quilting, the fabric is moving and I’m getting all these tucks. I’ve re-basted three times already! I’m now thinking of ripping all the quilting out again and quilting it by hand as I feel that I have much better control over it then. That’s my job for this afternoon sorted then.

Miss Holly Fuzzybutt

By the way, I don’t think I’ve introduced you to Miss Holly Fuzzybutt yet. My gorgeous boy Charlie died last September at the age of 18. It was very tough as we had a very special connection. In December we decided that we were ready for another cat so I contacted my vet. She told me about this old cat who was looking for a home and when I met her I fell in love with her. According to the previous owners she’s 20 years old but she’s still in good shape. Her hearing’s not very good but she still likes to play. She hates being alone and meows very loudly to try and find us. She fitted in perfectly from the start and we’re really happy to have her, even if it won’t be for a very long time.

Then it’ll be back to a very special quilt I’m making.

Blue Steps

One of my best friends from uni turned 50 last month and I decided to make her a quilt. I realise I’m a bit late but with the situation the way it is I won’t be able to see her for a while anyway and I’m hoping to have it finished by then. Some time ago I made her some cushions in the teacup fabric. As I only have scraps left, I had to go scrappy with the whole quilt. I’m halfway done with the blocks which are really fun and easy to do. I’m thinking of putting just one bright pink block in there for fun but I’ll have to see if it works or not before I commit.

Right, here’s to the fun of sewing! I still have to get back to my Block of the Month 2019 and finish it. I had another BOM prepared for this year but I simply can’t get myself to start a new one before I finish the last one. It’ll have to wait for the autumn.

And breathe….

Little Miss Bossy-Boots is off to Ireland with her Daddy to visit Grandma and Grandpa. This is her first holiday without me and we are both very excited about it. The reasons for her excitement are pretty obvious, I’m sure; she’s going to be spoilt rotten and have the undivided attention of quite a few grown-ups. My excitement can be summed up with three words: sewing, sleeping and not-having-to-repeat-everything-734 times (ok that’s not really one word but I’m sure you can let me off this time).

I’ve got a few sewing projects lined up but first on my list is the tutorial for my Modern Churn Dash quilt. I realise I promised to have it up this week but somehow time just slipped away from me. I have started on it and I hope to get it finished very soon.

Modern Churn Dash TutorialThese are the fabrics I’m using and I’m making a cushion cover. I thought about making another quilt but realised that I just didn’t have the time. However, I’ll be giving the measurements for the quilt too.

Today I just need to help Little Miss Bossy-Boots buy some chocolate to bring and pack her suitcase. Tomorrow I will crawl out of bed at 5am and help her get ready to catch a very early train to the airport with her Daddy. And then…

.. I will breathe. And crawl back to bed.


Dear Blog…

Dear Blog

I’m truly sorry for neglecting you for such a long time. Life hasn’t been quite what I wanted it to be these last few months and I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to read and comment on blogs and write posts to publish. However, now that the new year has started I’m hoping that I can see this as a new start and begin to love you again. I have many things that I would like to show as I haven’t been idle but  have been knitting and sewing. Both give me such wonderful comfort.

This morning Little Miss Bossy-Boots made a collage and I thought it looked like a quilt. I have a couple of bee blocks I need to finish as I’m already behind but I feel the need to give this little mini a go first.

Bossy Mini

So, I’ll see you very soon again, dear Blog.

All the best,


I’m Back!

Hello! Wow, that was a very long blogging break and I have missed it big time. What’s new? I’m now talking to you from wonderfully hilly Switzerland rather than very flat Cambridgeshire, UK and my sewing machines now have their own room rather than a corner in my bedroom. There have also been changes on a more personal level which I might tell you about at a later stage. Now I’m just happy to show you around my little sewing space.

Sewing Corner

My sewing room was the first room I (almost) finished in my new flat. There are  still a few things I’d like to add such as a design wall and a few shelves but all in all it’s already pretty functional. I love the fact that I share this space with Little Miss Bossy-Boots.

Fabric Cabinet

Below is her corner of the craft room as we call it. She loves to draw, cut stick and paste and I thought it would be fun if we could do it in the same place. I can sew and supervise or help if needed.

Crafty Corner

The rest of the flat is still rather messy as I need to buy a few pieces of furniture to get rid of the last boxes: a bookshelf, a sideboard, a shoe rack and a desk. Next week I’m going to hit the charity shops to see if I can find some nice bargains. Otherwise I’ll hop on a train to Ikea to see if I can find some bargains there.

PS These pictures are from last week when the sewing room was still fairly tidy. Since then I’ve sewn a few bee blocks and started on a quilt using my hoarded Echo by Lotta Jansdotter. The sewing room is now very messy and needs a good tidy up. Hey ho, at least I’m sewing again.



My blog has been rather neglected lately as I’ve been trying to find my mojo. Just as I found it again, my life has been turned upside down. Mojo is now sitting in the corner twiddling its thumbs, waiting for me to crawl out of my hole and get back to the sewing machine. I hope it happens soon as I have some great incentives to get me going again:

1. I owe Christine her bee blocks for May. I’ve finished one and have one more to do. The one I did has quite a few dodgy points as Little Miss Bossy-Boots was whining in the background while I was sewing so I’m waiting till she’s in bed to do the second one in the hope that my points will match up a bit better.

Christine's Bee Block

2. I entered the second round of the FLiRTS (Fab Little Random Treasure Swap) on flickr. Shipping dates are fast approaching and I’m only half finished. I really need to get a move on to finish the foundation paper pieced mug rug I’m making. As I don’t know whether my partner drinks tea or coffee I’ve decided to make it reversible with a tea pot on one side and two or four coffee cups on the other. I will tell you a bit more about the patterns I’m using when I show the finished product.

Tea Pot Mug Rug

3. I’ve entered two swaps for the Fat Quarterly Retreat in July, the name tag swap and the sample swap. I love the partner I got in the name tag swap and I already know what I’m going to make for her. However, I won’t be able to show any of it until she gets it as it would be too obvious who it’s for and this is, after all, a secret swap. As for the sample swap I’ve decided to make some amigurumi. I haven’t made any for ages so this is a good opportunity to get back into crochet.

4. I would like to make some clothes now that I have an overlocker. I’ve got a pattern I want to try, Tara by Jolijou, but I first have to find out how the machine actually works. At the moment she’s still sitting in her box and I think that’s where she’s going to stay until school starts again as it’s not only half term but also Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ birthday this week.


Mojo? Mojo? Hello…..?

I’ve been looking for it for ages but can’t seem to find it at all: my mojo.

There has been hardly any sewing done, except for some bee blocks for Sew-Euro-Bee-an that had to be finished. The first set of bee blocks were for Floh and they were really late as the fabric, which had been sent from Germany, disappeared somewhere in the post to reappear about a month later. Luckily we were asked to make wonky stars which are quick and easy. Now, I would love to show you my two blocks, one pink and one orange, but alas I forgot to take a picture before sending them off. Mojo usually reminds me to go get the camera and take some pics for this blog but with mojo missing….

The other two blocks were only a couple of days late (not bad for someone with a missing mojo) and I loved making them. Scrappy X’s with a white border and dark grey background are stunning, I think. Now my white borders didn’t match up perfectly but I hope that Celine‘s quilt will crinkle up beautifully and disguise the slight wonkiness.

Celine's Bee Blocks

I also hope that she likes the Tyrannosaurus Rex I smuggled in there.

This month we’re making lots of HSTs which I love but I gather aren’t quite as popular with some of the other bee members. Next month it’s my turn to be Princess Bee. I will show you what I’m going for soon, I just need to order some fabric first.

Mojo, I can see you….come here now! Please?


And The Winner Is…

Big apologies, I completely forgot about my impromptu little giveaway when life took over. There has been no sewing in a very long time and I’m really starting to feel it. Tomorrow I might just send Little Miss Bossy-Boots and Master off somewhere for a couple of hours of uninterrupted sewing.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re more interested in finding out who is going to get a little something from me.

Mr RandomI let Mr Random do the honours this time and he has chosen number four, which, if my counting skills are anything to go by, is Helen! Congratulations, Helen, I’ll put your prize in the post next week.

Thank you so much for all your suggestions, I’ve loved them all. In the end, I went with something completely different: Edna.


Two Birthdays

I have two birthdays. One in October which will be my forty-fourth this year and one today which is my ninth. I like having two birthdays although I don’t get any presents for this one. However, nine years ago I got the best present ever: life. During an operation to remove some lymph nodes my heart stopped. I was lucky, though, not only did the doctors do a great job bringing me back to life (I’m not sure how dramatic it really was but I am married to an Irishman…) I was also told that all my lymph nodes were cancer free.

I’m off to celebrate this birthday with a lovely cream tea at our local garden centre with Little Miss Bossy-Boots and Master.


I hope you have a great day whatever you’re doing!


Mother’s Day

Wishing everyone who’s celebrating it this Sunday a very


Mother's Day CardThis is the card I received from Little Miss Bossy-Boots. Love it! The teachers did a great job helping the children. I think it’s beautiful and am going to get it framed.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! May 2013 be a good year for you. To be honest, I’m rather glad 2012 is over as it hasn’t been a great year for me, not catastrophic but just not great.

Not everything has been ‘blah’, though, there have been some highlights too. Our holiday in Ireland in April, the Fat Quarterly Retreat in June, our holiday in Denmark and, of course, my trips home to Switzerland. I also have to add to this list my first bee, Sew-Euro-Bee-An, and my first quilt, Mindless Flannel, which has now been washed and dried and is lovely and soft to snuggle with.

This year I’m looking forward to the Fat Quarterly Retreat, making more quilts and moving back home to Switzerland. I would like to finish as many of my WIPs as possible and I’m already on a roll as I finished my November Bee blocks yesterday (the fabric was late arriving and Linda said not to worry about finishing before Christmas).

Linda's Bee Blocks

I loved playing with all the Denyse Schmidt scraps Linda sent us. She asked us for simple patchwork blocks with a little extra. In one block I made a snowball and the other a simple wonky cross. Hopefully she’ll like them.

Today I finished my shark bath mat. It’s not very big but it’s alright for me and Little Miss Bossy-Boots as our feet aren’t very big. However, I’m not sure how Master is going to cope.

Shark Bath Mat

Our other bath mats are white so it’s nice to have a little bit of colour in this completely white bathroom. I think I can see a couple more bath mats in my future.

As for New Year’s resolutions, I only have one: I’m only going to buy fabric I need to finish projects as I’m trying to save up to buy an overlocker. This year I would like to sew some clothes for the Little Miss and myself. I know I can do that with my sewing machine but I would really like to make it an easy process with nice looking insides.

I’m off to look for my Spring Carnival templates. Oh yes, I tidied my sewing room and now I can’t find half of my things. Wish me luck.