Jewel Ta Dah!

That’s right, Jewel is finished. Maybe I should’ve changed the name as it doesn’t really look like a jewel but, hey ho, I can’t think of anything else.

JewelI love the hand quilting and will definitely do more of it. I also love the red binding. Little Miss Bossy-Boots was crying when I told her that she couldn’t keep this mini.

This mini quilt is off to its new home in America. Bye, bye, little quilt!


I’m Back!

Hello! Wow, that was a very long blogging break and I have missed it big time. What’s new? I’m now talking to you from wonderfully hilly Switzerland rather than very flat Cambridgeshire, UK and my sewing machines now have their own room rather than a corner in my bedroom. There have also been changes on a more personal level which I might tell you about at a later stage. Now I’m just happy to show you around my little sewing space.

Sewing Corner

My sewing room was the first room I (almost) finished in my new flat. There are ┬ástill a few things I’d like to add such as a design wall and a few shelves but all in all it’s already pretty functional. I love the fact that I share this space with Little Miss Bossy-Boots.

Fabric Cabinet

Below is her corner of the craft room as we call it. She loves to draw, cut stick and paste and I thought it would be fun if we could do it in the same place. I can sew and supervise or help if needed.

Crafty Corner

The rest of the flat is still rather messy as I need to buy a few pieces of furniture to get rid of the last boxes: a bookshelf, a sideboard, a shoe rack and a desk. Next week I’m going to hit the charity shops to see if I can find some nice bargains. Otherwise I’ll hop on a train to Ikea to see if I can find some bargains there.

PS These pictures are from last week when the sewing room was still fairly tidy. Since then I’ve sewn a few bee blocks and started on a quilt using my hoarded Echo by Lotta Jansdotter. The sewing room is now very messy and needs a good tidy up. Hey ho, at least I’m sewing again.


British Quilt Swap 3 – progress

I really need to finish this mini quilt now as the mailing window opens in three (!) days. Yesterday I cut out the tree shape and attached it with bondaweb to the ‘field’ next to the road. Next came the leaves. I played around with them for a while before Master said: “Stop!” I ironed them on and left everything to cool down before basting.

I started on the quilting today but wasn’t sure how far I would get as I was fast running out of thread. Luckily, Master went shopping this afternoon so he got some more. I did quite a bit of unpicking as I didn’t like the quilting on the tree trunk or around the leaves.

I have now decided to leave it for today and start on some hand quilting tomorrow trying out some Aurifil for the first time. I’m really excited about it and a bit nervous. What if I’m disappointed after everything I’ve heard and read about the miracle thread that is Aurifil? Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you what I think.