When it was my turn to be queen bee for Sew-Euro-Bee-An a long time ago I asked for blocks in blues and turquoise. Anything went. Improv, pieced, appliqué, traditional, modern, solids, prints, batiks…. I got some wonderful blocks back. Sadly one member of the bee had to opt out due to too many commitments and one other member just disappeared so I have less blocks than I technically should. However, I really love all the ones I got and have decided to sash them all with grey to give them some cohesion. As the blocks are different sizes this is a great way to sew them all together without too much trouble.

Sew-Euro-Bee-An blocks

I’ve only sewn one row together so far but will have to wait with the other rows until Kindergarten starts again as I need to lay them all out on the floor again. I’m also wondering if I should make another two blocks to fill those two rows that only have three blocks in them?

This quilt will end up being a nice lap size, I think, and I’m really looking forward to snuggling under it this winter.


I love being part of a bee as it challenges me and lets me discover new sewing techniques. Last month’s request by Di from Quiltova were tea cups in bright and contrasting colours and fabrics. The pattern is by the talented Sarah Fielke whose Craftsy course Big Techniques from Small Scraps I bought ages ago because I wanted to learn how to do needle turn appliqué.

I would lie if I said I loved making these tea cups. Or rather, I would lie if I said I loved making the first tea cup as I just couldn’t get my head around working with the templates of the saucer ends. The seam ripper came out countless times and the air was turned dark blue until I gave up and made some HSTs.

Tea CupsI went back to Sarah’s class and watched the two lessons for needleturn appliqué again before attaching the handles. That’s what’s so great about Craftsy, you can go back anytime you want and re-watch the relevant lessons.

I’m totally in love with these tea cups now and would love to make one of these quilts, which is called All That and the Hatter, myself. Isn’t that the best name for a quilt? I’m now hoping Sarah’s book will be put under the Christmas tree for me. Please, Santa, I promise to be good and stop swearing…!


My blog has been rather neglected lately as I’ve been trying to find my mojo. Just as I found it again, my life has been turned upside down. Mojo is now sitting in the corner twiddling its thumbs, waiting for me to crawl out of my hole and get back to the sewing machine. I hope it happens soon as I have some great incentives to get me going again:

1. I owe Christine her bee blocks for May. I’ve finished one and have one more to do. The one I did has quite a few dodgy points as Little Miss Bossy-Boots was whining in the background while I was sewing so I’m waiting till she’s in bed to do the second one in the hope that my points will match up a bit better.

Christine's Bee Block

2. I entered the second round of the FLiRTS (Fab Little Random Treasure Swap) on flickr. Shipping dates are fast approaching and I’m only half finished. I really need to get a move on to finish the foundation paper pieced mug rug I’m making. As I don’t know whether my partner drinks tea or coffee I’ve decided to make it reversible with a tea pot on one side and two or four coffee cups on the other. I will tell you a bit more about the patterns I’m using when I show the finished product.

Tea Pot Mug Rug

3. I’ve entered two swaps for the Fat Quarterly Retreat in July, the name tag swap and the sample swap. I love the partner I got in the name tag swap and I already know what I’m going to make for her. However, I won’t be able to show any of it until she gets it as it would be too obvious who it’s for and this is, after all, a secret swap. As for the sample swap I’ve decided to make some amigurumi. I haven’t made any for ages so this is a good opportunity to get back into crochet.

4. I would like to make some clothes now that I have an overlocker. I’ve got a pattern I want to try, Tara by Jolijou, but I first have to find out how the machine actually works. At the moment she’s still sitting in her box and I think that’s where she’s going to stay until school starts again as it’s not only half term but also Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ birthday this week.


Wonky Princess Bee

Hello again, I decided to seize the fact that mojo was lurking in a corner and started on my wonky stars again. Stellar is the wonderful pattern some of the Sew Solids Crew Stash Club are using for the Sew Solids Quilt-Along. You can see the posts about my first stars here and here. Because I was lagging behind I had two colours to sew stars from, pink and blue. To be honest the most difficult part of this sew-along is pairing up the colours to get enough contrast between the star and the background.

Stellar Sew-AlongDon’t look too closely please. The blocks have lots of stray threads hanging off them and my floor is…. let’s just say it needs a good clean. This quilt is definitely going to be colourful and I’m not sure how much I like it yet.

Something I love, however, is the fabric that arrived today from Simply Solids. I know a lot of people prefer prints to solids but I really enjoy working with solids.

SolidsNext month it’s my turn to be the Princess Bee of the Sew-Euro-Bee-ans. For a long time I didn’t know what to ask for but then I decided to go for colour rather than block. This means that my fellow bees are allowed to make any block they like, in any size they want to make (I’m sure I’ll regret that decision later) and with any extra scraps (solids or prints)  they want/need. I’m only asking them to stick to this colour palette. I would like the blocks to be something they enjoy making and that, I suppose, therefore represents them.  Now that the fabric has arrived I’m really excited about sending it out to everyone.

It’s good to have you back, mojo.



Mojo? Mojo? Hello…..?

I’ve been looking for it for ages but can’t seem to find it at all: my mojo.

There has been hardly any sewing done, except for some bee blocks for Sew-Euro-Bee-an that had to be finished. The first set of bee blocks were for Floh and they were really late as the fabric, which had been sent from Germany, disappeared somewhere in the post to reappear about a month later. Luckily we were asked to make wonky stars which are quick and easy. Now, I would love to show you my two blocks, one pink and one orange, but alas I forgot to take a picture before sending them off. Mojo usually reminds me to go get the camera and take some pics for this blog but with mojo missing….

The other two blocks were only a couple of days late (not bad for someone with a missing mojo) and I loved making them. Scrappy X’s with a white border and dark grey background are stunning, I think. Now my white borders didn’t match up perfectly but I hope that Celine‘s quilt will crinkle up beautifully and disguise the slight wonkiness.

Celine's Bee Blocks

I also hope that she likes the Tyrannosaurus Rex I smuggled in there.

This month we’re making lots of HSTs which I love but I gather aren’t quite as popular with some of the other bee members. Next month it’s my turn to be Princess Bee. I will show you what I’m going for soon, I just need to order some fabric first.

Mojo, I can see you….come here now! Please?


A Little Bit of Sewing

Last week my parents-in-law arrived to celebrate my father-in-law’s 70th birthday. It meant that not much sewing was done at the end of the week.

I did manage to sew the February Bee blocks for Pippa, which were really quick to make. The pattern is “Great Big Kiss” by Sew Me.

Great Big Kiss


I’m sure Pippa’s quilt will look great once all the blocks are put together.

I also managed to make a birthday present for our lovely neighbour Rebecca, who was celebrating her 21st birthday. I pulled out some of my Liberty Tana lawns and decided on a HST (half square triangle) heart cushion. I combined the Tana lawns with some Essex linen in linen for the front and a sage green and white polka dot print for the back.

Liberty HeartThis rather dodgy Instagram photo is the only picture I have of it as I forgot to take pictures before gifting it. Doh! I might see if I can get it back for five minutes and take some nicer pictures.

As I only used one HST of most print (I had to use two prints twice as I didn’t have enough different pieces that were big enough) I can make another one. I think I might have an idea how I can mix it up a bit. I’ll keep you posted.

Busy Bee

I’m really pleased as I’ve finished two more Bee blocks. This time the ones for January’s queen, Nicole aka Follow the White Bunny. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, please do. I’ll wait for you here while you have a little look at all her fabulous embroideries.

Back already? Ok. Nicole asked for the wonderful x & + block for which there’s a tutorial here. I love this block, especially in a scrappy style, and it was as much fun to make as I imagined. The block in the tutorial is 8″ unfinished but Nicole asked us to make the blocks slightly bigger, namely 11,75″ unfinished. I’m just glad she did all the maths as we all know what happens when I do it….

x & + blocks

I am totally in love with the cat fabric and I meant to have it in the plus of the pink block but had a slight brain fart (excuse my language please) while cutting and ended up with a completely different looking block. Hopefully Nicole will like it anyway.

When I was trimming the triangles for the crosses I just couldn’t get myself to throw away the little triangles but instead turned them into 2″ HSTs (that is half square triangles). These HSTs were then turned into pinwheels and a little mug rug.

Pinwheel mug rugThe binding is Kona pepper, my favourite black (I don’t really like black much but I love Kona pepper).




The fabric for October’s bee block of my bee Sew-Euro-Bee-An were sent out a little late. I didn’t want to be too late sending them back so I sat down on Friday to sew them both. The blocks are great fun to make and I think the finished quilt is going to look fabulous.

These two will be in the post on Monday (we had a very lazy day today) winging their way to….



I’m looking forward to November’s block as it involves a bit of Denyse Schmidt, one of my favourite designers.


More Sea Glass

Today I finally managed to finish the second bee block for Helen. I really loved the process of improv piecing and I can definitely see myself doing some more of it in the future.

The second block came together more quickly, I suppose because I (sort of) knew what I was doing. I used up all the Kona snow Helen sent but still have a few scraps of the green which I think could be Kona spring and some tiny squares of blue and turquoise scraps.

Here they are together. I can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

Sea glass

Our bee, the Sew-Euro-Bee-An, has started. Ok, to be honest, it started a while ago when Helen sent out her fabrics and a mosaic to show us what she would like for her blocks. I admit it, I’m a slow coach.

image source

Here are the blocks she made:

image source

Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m sure a whole quilt would remind me of every holiday I’ve ever had on a beach but especially the time I spent in the Netherlands sitting on a beach collecting sea glass.

Here’s my first block which I made yesterday. I never knew improv piecing could be that exciting. The seam ripper came out quite a few times but I’m really happy with the end result. Now I just have to find the time to make a second one.

The wonderful East Anglian wind just didn’t wan’t to stop for even two tics so I could take a picture. Hence the block blowing in the breeze.

I just hope Helen likes it.