Mojo? Mojo? Hello…..?

I’ve been looking for it for ages but can’t seem to find it at all: my mojo.

There has been hardly any sewing done, except for some bee blocks for Sew-Euro-Bee-an that had to be finished. The first set of bee blocks were for Floh and they were really late as the fabric, which had been sent from Germany, disappeared somewhere in the post to reappear about a month later. Luckily we were asked to make wonky stars which are quick and easy. Now, I would love to show you my two blocks, one pink and one orange, but alas I forgot to take a picture before sending them off. Mojo usually reminds me to go get the camera and take some pics for this blog but with mojo missing….

The other two blocks were only a couple of days late (not bad for someone with a missing mojo) and I loved making them. Scrappy X’s with a white border and dark grey background are stunning, I think. Now my white borders didn’t match up perfectly but I hope that Celine‘s quilt will crinkle up beautifully and disguise the slight wonkiness.

Celine's Bee Blocks

I also hope that she likes the Tyrannosaurus Rex I smuggled in there.

This month we’re making lots of HSTs which I love but I gather aren’t quite as popular with some of the other bee members. Next month it’s my turn to be Princess Bee. I will show you what I’m going for soon, I just need to order some fabric first.

Mojo, I can see you….come here now! Please?


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