BOM 2019: January

Hello! I’m really excited to start the Block of the Month 2019 with templates for not one but two tiles. My thinking behind this is that first of all people are usually most enthusiastic about a project at the beginning of it and secondly you then have the whole of December to finish off the quilt.

First up are these two tiles:

To download the templates for the first two blocks click on the links below.

Template 1a, Template 1b

Template 2aTemplate 2bTemplate 2c

You need to print out each template four times. However, for tile 2 you can then discard three of the centre pieces as you only need one. When you’re printing, make sure your printer is set to 100% rather than ‘fit to page’ or any other setting as the tiles otherwise may end up different sizes.

If you’d like to print out the whole tile so you can colour it in and try different options you can click on the links below.

Tile 1

Tile 2

I’ve printed out my templates and can’t wait to start. I’m still dithering about fabrics and colours, though, which makes it rather difficult. I love scrappy, colourful quilts and I’ve already done a few so I’m wondering if this time I should go for a more uniform look. One of my ideas is to go for a black, white and grey theme, maybe with some colour thrown in for the background.

If you’re joining in and are on social media, could you please add the hashtag #sharksdinnerbom2019 to your pictures? It’ll make it easier for me to find your pictures and enjoy your progress. Thank you!

If you need any tips and tricks for EPP, check out my next blog post. The templates for the next tile will be uploaded on February 1st 2019. Get sewing!

6 thoughts on “BOM 2019: January

  1. Intriguing designs!
    I notice some of the outside edges are not in fact a straight line, but are slightly angled. To paper-piece this, does one take a tiny pleat while basting?

  2. How creative you are! Found you by chance (English Paper Piecing and Hand Piecing Group on Facebook post by Angie Nudge–thank you Angie!). I am wondering if you would be willing to add some way to follow you? I use Bloglovin since I don’t do Instagram but I’d even follow you on e-mail if there was a way to do so. Your BOM is unlike anything I’ve seen…I think you’d have lots of followers if there were a way to follow! Thank you!

    1. Copy her main link to her blog ( ) Now go over to bloglovin’ and click on your icon. Now click on following. This will open a window. Choose the Add Blog button. Click on that one and enter the link I gave you above. Click on Add blog. This will open her blog page. Choose follow and you are now following her. Hope this helps.

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