The cushion cover from Vic’s cushion cover swap finally arrived! I have to admit that I was rather worried as it took an awfully long time to arrive. At first I thought it might be because of the bank holiday but when another week passed I was afraid that my cushion cover was lost in the post. So when the doorbell rang today I expected anything but a lovely package from Australia. But there it was!

Christina knitted this fabulous cushion from 100% wool and it is just so soft and warm and the colours are gorgeous (you could almost think she’s seen my bedroom which is held in exactly the same colours).

I still haven’t bought a big enough cushion, this one is one size smaller than it should be (14″ x 14″ instead of 16″ x 16″) but I couldn’t wait to use it. It’s on my bed and it’s so nice to lean against while reading a good book (Keeper of the Bride by Tess Gerritsen). Oh, and the back is just as lovely with its floral fabric and vintage buttons.

While the swap was going on, Vic posted the links to the finished cushions and I went to look at them, of course. They were all really nice but I did have a few favourites and this was one of them! I’m a very lucky girl. And a very happy one.

No, Christina, I don’t like it….I love it!

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