Crochet Heaven

Although my first love is definitely sewing and quilting, I can’t resist soft squishy wool and a crochet hook.

I’ve been crocheting with a friend via Skype most weekends since last winter to make a granny squares blanket. It’s slow progress as I only crochet with her, managing three or four granny squares per session. As the social aspect is just as important to me as the progress, I’m not in a rush. The blanket will be finished when it’s finished.

A friend of ours showed us a picture of a pretty flower blanket and wondered if this could be something for us once the granny squares blankets were done. We suggested that she should join us in the crocheting seeing that she really loved the blanket. Well she took on the challenge and we are now four women crocheting the flower blanket as her sister has also joined our little group.

We couldn’t find the pattern for the blanket so I designed a flower and after a few failed attempts we are now ready to crochet. I’ve let my daughter choose the yarn and the colours as the blanket is for her. I couldn’t wait and have started on the blanket. As my yarn is thinner than the one the others are using I will have to make quite a few more flowers so I don’t feel too guilty for sneaking in a few crocheting sessions on my own. I’m using Merino 150 by Lang Yarns in some lovely pastel colours.

I made a video for the group as a reminder on how to crochet the flowers in case they want to do some crocheting on their own. It was the first video tutorial I’ve ever made and I really enjoyed filming it. I had to laugh though as I heard some rather heavy breathing and sighing on there every now and again. You could’ve thought that I was running and crocheting at the same time.

If there’s any interest in the blanket I’m happy to post a pattern at a later stage.


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