I missed another day of Blogtoberfest. I was so proud that I had made it so far without missing any posts and am a bit gutted that I’ve now missed two.

Anyway, today I’ve had three very happy emails:

1. I won a freebie over at the Green bag Lady. If you don’t know her yet hop over and read all about her fabulous crusade to get rid of plastic bags. I have one of her shopping bags which is always in my handbag and it has saved many a plastic bag from coming home with me.

2. Christina sent me the details of my two swap partners for the Christmas ornament swap. I haven’t started stalking yet as it’s Master’s birthday today and I’ve been baking biscuits and a cake. Tomorrow, however, is a different story and I will get out my sunglasses and trench coat.

3. I won the giveaway over at Lily’s Quilts. Chantal from Hyggeligt Fabrics of London, Ontario offered to give away the kit for Lynne’s Modern Blocks Oakshott Ruby shot cottons table runner and I won! I’m beyond excited about this one as I have one fat quarter of Oakshott that I’ve been hoarding/fondling, while waiting for the perfect project to use it in and now I get lots of lovely fat eights to play with.

I’m going to leave you with the present I made for Master, a tray for keys, cuff links and coins. It’s completely hand sewn and not perfect but I love it so much I think I might have to make another one for myself.