The Fat Quarterly Sewing Retreat in London is very soon, in fact it’s only ten days away. This has made me panic a bit (this happens to me quite a lot) as I still haven’t got all my supplies or my swap gifts. I signed up for almost everything you could sign up for thinking it would be fun and help me meet lots of people. For the swap we have been put into groups of five which means we bring four gifts (all the same) and get four gifts (all different). How cool is that? I’ve seen a few of the things people are bringing in the Flickr group pool and with every new picture popping up I hope that I will be in that person’s group. The stuff people have been making is fabulous!

For ages I couldn’t decide on what to make for the swap but on Monday it finally hit me: The sugar loaf pouch. The pattern is by the lovely Lisa Lam from U-handbag and I bought it ages ago. Then it just sat there and from time to time I looked at it and thought “I have to make one of these pouches, they’re s cute”. Now I can add “and so addictive”. I love them and they are so handy, just big enough for a phone and some other bits and bobs or sewing supplies or medicines and plasters or….

Will I be able to stop after four, the number of gifts I need to bring? Watch this spot!

PS Did you notice I didn’t put any metal hook snaps on my pouch? Well, I only had three at hand so I left them off completely. I just couldn’t wait….