Ribbon Flower Hair Clips

Today I made some hair clips and ties in preparation for my next stall at the end of March. As the mother of a little girl who believes that blue, green, brown, yellow, white, etc are all colours for boys and only pink and purple are for girls I went for pink and red for my trial run. Just in case they don’t sell and stay with us. The plan is to take them with me to various outings and ask the mums if they would buy them if I made loads and made them in various colours (after all, not every girl is like Little Miss Bossy-Boots).

Hair clips with ribbon flowers:

All you need for them is some ribbon, buttons, two hair clips, a needle and thread and a hot glue gun. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a hot glue gun, you can sew your little flowers onto the hair clips too.

1. I started off by cutting three lengths of ribbon. My ribbon is about 6cm long but I suppose the length of the ribbon really depends on how big you want your flower to be.

2. I then folded the ribbon in half with the ends overlapping a little in the middle and sewed through all three layers.

3. Next I took another piece of ribbon and folded it in half like the first one and sewed it onto my first ribbon at a slight angle. I like to sew the overlap of the second ribbon onto the overlap of the first one. This ensures that both sides are flat and look nice. Then I repeated this step with my last ribbon making sure the overlap was facing down. Don’t worry too much about your stitching; the next step will hide all sins.

4. I sewed on a nice button to hide the stitches. Then I made a second ribbon flower the same way but mirroring the ribbons.

5. Finally I got my hot glue gun out and warmed up. I like to put the glue onto the flower so that I have better control when placing the hair clip. If you haven’t got a hot glue gun you could always just sew the ribbon flower to the hair clip. I actually like doing both (that’s why you can see the thread on the picture above).

When glueing on the second hair clip make sure that your little flower is the right way up.

Hey presto! Two pretty and individual little hair clips.

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