Chop stick

Have you got a favourite tool in your sewing room?

I love my chop stick. It’s just a simple free chop stick that came with our takeaway Chinese. I have sanded it to round all the corners and that’s it. The idea to use a chop stick as a tool came while reading a craft blog (sadly I can’t remember which one it was) and I have to say it was a great tip.┬áIt just comes in so handy to turn corners when sewing, stuffing my amigurumis, flattening seams etc.

I use the pointy bit to turn corners and stuff small amigurumi arms and legs and use the blunt bit for bigger bits such as tummys and heads and flattening seams. I used to use a pin to tug at the corners but got fed up with myself for doing it as I sometimes pulled threads doing it. Did I learn from it? Nay, I did not but would do it again and again. For my amigurumis I used my crochet needle but very often it got stuck and I had to wiggle it about for ages until it was free again. No such problems with my chop stick. *sigh* I love it!

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