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My sister asked me quite a while ago whether I would make her a sewing kit similar to the one I had made Rebecca. The biggest change she wanted was a space for a crochet hook or two. Well, I changed quite a few things because Rebecca’s sewing kit was made specifically for a student who needs to be able to fix hems, sew on buttons etc. My sister’s was made with a crocheter in mind. I’m not sure if I got it right but at least it looks cute!

Kristine's Sewing KitI added a handle because I thought it would be easier to move from place to place, especially while holding a project. Furthermore, I turned the pockets around so that I didn’t need to put a flap over the crochet hooks to keep them from falling out.

Kristine's Sewing KitThere’s a big pocket for a tape measure and some thread (or a chocolate bar?), a linen square for needles and a small detachable pincushion on one side. On the other side there’s room for some scissors and four crochet hooks.

Detachable PincushionThe little pincushion is my favourite part, I think.

Crochet Hooks and ScissorsBecause the scissors kept sliding out I added a little tab that closes with a popper. There’s nothing worse than losing your scissors.

The sewing kit is on its way to Switzerland right now. I really hope my sister likes it and that it comes in handy whenever she’s working on a project.

I’m linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts’ Finish it up Friday and ticking another item of my FAL list.





13 thoughts on “Sewing Kit

  1. Wow! Ich liebe es, die Stoffe, die Farben, die Ausführung … Ich kann es kaum erwarten, bis es ankommt. Vielen herzlichen Dank!

  2. I really like this sewing kit you made for a sewer/crocheter. I checked out the student model you made and like some of the changes you made like adding the handle especially. Being a Mom I have built great strength in all of my fingers to hold onto all the stuff kids have lying around the house needing to be put back – so having a handle allows for one less incident of the pile of stuff I carry from falling to the ground because my little sewing/needle book went first and by trying to pick that up, the whole pile goes!!!

    (by the way, this is my first time visiting (through Finish it up Friday) and I’ll be sure to check in in the future to see what other great projects and improvements to projects you post)

  3. Such a cute and well made sewing kit. I just finished making one to show my quilting group but your’s is much nicer. The scissor holding tab is a stroke of genius…I have the same problem but a tab never came to mind as a solution.. I’m a first time visitor and hope to come back soon. I like your style of sewing.

    Gmama Jane

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