It took me much longer than anticipated to finish this little amigurumi which I started when Little Miss Bossy-Boots was ill. Life just suddenly filled up with everything but time to sew or crochet.

However, here’s the finished project: Xolpoth, the Alien.

I started making amigurumis last year after receiving The Encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques by Jan Eaton and seeing a picture of “Binky Rabbit” in the gallery section. It was love at first sight and I decided to try making something like that. I didn’t have a pattern and that was quite evident when I looked at the finished project. It was a very strange looking “thing” that could only be identified as a rabbit because of its ears and tail and it ended up in the bin.

Analysing the “thing” made me realise where I had gone wrong and I sat down straightaway and tried again. Lavinia the rabbit was the result.

Not the prettiest rabbit, I admit, but lovely enough to generate some interest and an order for two rabbits for two little boys!

I gave Lavinia to Little Miss Bossy-Boots who was over the moon for about 5 minutes and then put her in the toy box where she has lived ever since.

I made Xolpoth the Alien for a little baby boy who was born on the 3rd of January. When Little Miss Bossy-Boots saw Xolpoth, she claimed him as her own. I’m in two minds now. Should I let her have him or should I put him away for baby Seán? We won’t see Seán before the beginning of February when we go to Switzerland for a week so I could make something else for him. A robot maybe? I’ll mull over it for a little while before deciding.

I am also hoping to make a patchwork cushion cover for little Seán. I had hoped to find enough different materials in my stash but I don’t have that many blue ones. Somehow my stash has become “pinkified” since having a little girl and mostly sewing for her and her little friends. Oh, what a chore it is to have to buy some nice material…..

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