Rebecca’s Sewing Kit

This is a project from last year that I haven’t blogged about before simply because I didn’t have a blog at the time. We have the loveliest neighbours all around us but get on especially well with the wonderful people from number 25. Their family consists of mum and dad, two gorgeous daughters and one very crazy dog. Rebecca, the eldest daughter, started university last year and this is what I made for her to take with her:

I’m a firm believer that everyone should have a sewing kit at home in case a button falls off or a hem unravels. The sewing kits available in the shops, however, are usually very small with tiny scissors that hardly cut and big needles that leave craters in the fabric you’re trying to sew. Therefore I decided to make one for Rebecca that I could stock myself with big scissors, fine needles and everything else I thought a student might need.

Did you notice the Hemming Web. A student essential, I’m sure.

I used a linen scrap that I’ve had for many, many years and some Denyse Schmidt ‘Hope Valley’ combined with some bright orange felt for pins and needles. I sewed the pockets with the things I bought in mind and they could easily be adapted to whatever you want to put in your sewing kit. I added a little loop with a popper at the end to make sure the scissors stayed in place. You can’t really see it on this picture but the pocket for the thread and buttons has a flap, again to make sure they stay where they are supposed to stay. I enjoyed making this sewing kit and am thinking of making one for myself for when I want to do some hand sewing in the garden or at picnics. Maybe attached to a pouch in which I can put my WIP. Hmm….only one bag, three alterations and some cushion covers to finish before I can get to it.


PS Apparently it is in use a lot. A great gift for any student.

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