Still here

Hello, how nice of you to pop in! I know I haven’t been around much and, even worse, I haven’t been crafting either. I was struck down by a horrible cold that left me so weak I actually went to bed during the day. Whenever Little Miss Bossy-Boots was in preschool I went to bed with a cup of tea and my Kindle and stayed there until I had to go and get her. My house was a tip, the dog not impressed with his lack of walks and Master had to hunt his own food.

I started feeling better last week and was looking forward to some nice sewing time when, bam, I was struck by one of my famous three-day migraines. Followed by a week’s worth of lingering headache. Boo!

This Sunday, however, found me taking some pictures in the garden with Aron and Little Miss Bossy-Boots. The sun was shining, my head was ok and I was wrapped up warmly.

I love snowdrops and crocus.

This wonderful boy turned eleven yesterday! We celebrated with biscuits and crisps for the humans and a bone for the dog.

Now really, does it get any better than this?

Afterwards, I took the Little Miss out on her new bicycle. Although she got one last year it was just too big for her and she couldn’t squeeze the brakes. When she saw this one in the shop she turned to her Daddy to get it…

Just in case you’re wondering what she’s doing, she’s wiggling her bottom. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.


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