Finish Along Q2

It’s time to get making the list again. This time, I’m sure, it won’t be quite as long as in Q1 but there are still more than enough projects to keep me busy.

1. Athea Bloom is the one on the right. I’ve already decided that it will become a medallion quilt, so I need to make some borders….

Athea Spring Version and Bloom2. My Sew-Euro-Bee-An quilt. I need to turn the blocks into a top, baste, quilt and bind it.

Sew-Euro-Bee-an3. The Heron Log Cabin quilt. First of all it needs a better name, then it needs to be basted, quilted and bound.

Heron Log Cabin4. The Portholes. They’ve been a WIP for the last two years and really need to be dealt with now.


5. The Robin. I realise Christmas is still eight months away but you know how quickly time flies when you’re having fun?!

Close up Robin6. Art Deco. I have a magazine rack with a black handle and this EPP block will be used for the sides which at the moment are a very tatty black vinyl.

Art Deco7. Good Fortune. This one is already basted and marked, ready for quilting.

Good Fortune8. Spring Carnival. This is going to be put at the top of my list now as I really want to have it finished for FQR London.

Spring Carnival Progress9. Scrappy Trip Around the World. I’m still thinking that it should become a quilt rather than a cushion. I’m thinking a picnic quilt would be nice. It also means I could get away with ‘only’ making another 12 blocks.

Scrappy Trip


I thought this was going to be it but now I realise I have another two projects I need to put on the list.

10. The Brontosaurus. Another pattern I tested for Juliet and that I was sure I was going to turn into a cushion straightaway. No WIPs , I thought, and failed. It’s still sitting there waiting.

Brontosaurus11. The Euro Siblings Together quilt. I’m still waiting on two blocks but once they’ve arrived I can finish it and get it ready to bring to London in July.

Euro Siblings TogetherLinking up to Finish Along 2014 over at The Littlest Thistle.

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Late Bees

I have been a very bad girl. Last year didn’t end too well; I felt rather distraught and stressed and therefore not in the mood to sew the bee blocks for the Euro Siblings Together Bee. Yesterday I finally sat down at my machine and started the Anna Maria HornerĀ feathers that Allie had requested. I didn’t manage to finish them but the second I dropped Little Miss Bossy-Boots at Kindergarten today I sat down again and finished them. They came together alright, although I’m not sure I will ever make a feathers quilt.

FeathersThe colours requested were ‘cockerel’ colours so I had to dig very deep in my stash where pinks and blues are the most prominent colours. My biggest problem, however, is the lack of a long ruler. My longest ruler is 14″ long which just isn’t long enough for these 18.5″ blocks we produce in this bee. I have therefore decided to send them untrimmed and let Allie sew them together.

The feathers were November’s block *hangs head in shame* so the second they were finished I turned my hand to December’s block, a nice simple star in pink and blue for Helen.

StarThis one was so quick and easy. It would have been even quicker if I hadn’t had to get the seam ripper out when I sewed together two squares the wrong way. Little Miss Bossy-Boots loves this one and has asked me to make her a quilt like that for her bed.

This month we’re doing improv trees for Agnieszka. I’m really looking forward to getting them done next week as I hate being late for bees. Before I sew the trees, though, I have to put together a desk and finish my Doll Quilt Swap 14 quilt.