Not Sure

Last year I bought a layer cake of the same fabrics I’d used for Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ tumbler cushion so that I could make a quilt for her bed. I decided not to make a tumbler quilt as I thought it would be a bit too coordinated. This last few months I’ve been looking at the fabric having no clue what pattern to use. Sunday I did something that is completely out of character for me, I jumped in and just started cutting strips to make wonky log cabin blocks. There was no planning, just taking strips and sewing them together.

I finished the first block and didn’t really like it. Thinking it was too late to change my mind I persevered and made another block. I liked it a bit better and continued. I have now made four blocks and I’m still not sure that I like them. I feel they are rather busy. However, I’m hoping I will like the quilt with a nice neutral sashing and wide border.

Sorry about the bad picture, the weather here is simply atrocious. July? The weather gods must be having a laugh…

What do you do when you don’t like something you’ve started? Do you persevere and finish or do you just put it aside? I really want to finish this quilt for my daughter.