My sister called Friday afternoon to ask if I wanted to go to the big Swedish blue and yellow shop. I jumped at the chance as I don’t drive and have to change trains and take two busses to get there.

I had been wanting to go for a while now to buy a rug for Little Miss Bossy-Boots’ room. Little did I realise that we would come home not only with a rug but a chair too. A bright yellow chair.

Yellow ChairI love the retro feel and I’m sure it will go well with the turquoise tv cabinet that’s arriving on Tuesday (and will, hopefully, hide all the electric leads). The best thing about it? It really needs another cushion and I’ve got an excuse to start a new project!

Sewing will have to wait a little bit, though, as I’ve slept awkwardly and have a very stiff shoulder. I’m alright doing some hand sewing (just finishing my DQS 14 mini) but the machine will have to wait.


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