Mirror, Mirror

Today was a brilliant mail day: three packages were delivered. However, I’m only going to show you one today. I ordered some little bits from Ali at Very Berry Fabrics again.

This time I ordered a little pack of scraps and some 5″ charms. I have no plans for them yet but I’m sure I’ll find a use for them.

Remember the Liberty cushion I made for my aunt? Well, you might remember that I loved it so much I was going to make another one for myself. I did. Although it’s not exactly the same:

You might wonder why I called it the Mirror, Mirror cushion. The HST (half square triangles) are arranged in the same order mirroring each other diagonally. It gives a more ordered look, I think. This one is staying with me although I have to go and buy an insert as I have none that fit it. I don’t understand why I keep making cushion covers that don’t fit on my cushions. Maybe it’s my way of giving myself reason to sew another one?


Liberty Done

After my little melt down yesterday I felt a bit silly this morning. Some of my lovely readers suggested I put a cream border on to make it bigger and so I did.

In hindsight I think it’s probably a good thing because it means the corners, which I always find are the first to go, are now in the Klona quilting cotton rather than the wonderfully soft but maybe more fragile Tana Lawn. I kept the quilting to an absolute minimum, I didn’t feel it needed any more.

I like to put zips in my cushion covers but I didn’t have one in the correct colour so instead of waiting for an opportunity to go into town I made a simple envelope closure. With the 1″ cream border it finished at the required 36 x 36cm (14″ x 14″) and is now all wrapped up and ready to wing its way to Switzerland.

I fell in love with it so badly that I’ve started another one for myself with the rest of the 4″ Liberty squares. I might change up the layout a little but then again I might not.

Liberty Squares

Today I cut some Klona cream 4″squares to pair with the Liberty charms I ordered from Ali’s shop. I had decided to make some half square triangles (aka HST) for my aunt’s cushion cover. Everything went really well and I even enjoyed all the trimming.

I quickly decided on the placement…

… and then realised that the size was all wrong. My aunt asked for a cushion cover that’s 36 x 36cm, my cushion cover finishes at 32 x 32cm. Math obviously isn’t my strong point and I made a mistake when I converted the centimetres into inches. Arrgh! What to do? Should I keep this version and make a new one for my aunt in different fabrics? If I do, keep it I mean, should I add another round of HSTs to increase the size? Should I go back to my original plan of making a Dresden plate for her? So many questions.

I think I’ll have to sleep on that one.